Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belts

Corrugated sidewall conveyor belts can run both horizontally and vertically and helps heavy duty conveying systems to save space as well as investment costs. Vasco sidewall belts are of highest quality: Sidewall and cleats are hot vulcanized to the base belt. Compared to the traditional cold bonding methods, hot vulcanizing ensures strong adhesive force between the components and the belt and therefore a much longer life of the product.

Corrugated sidewall conveyor belts are tailor-made products. Depending on the clients’ request, Vasco sidewalls and cleats can be reinforced with diagonal fabric and bolted together. This fabric layer provides an excellent tear resistance while simultaneously allows the sidewall’s flexibility. The base belts are usually cross rigid. Under normal conditions Vasco uses XE-layer reinforcement, however metal breaker with cross rigid character can also be applied in various specifications. Vasco offers a large portfolio of possible combinations of cleats and sidewalls in height up to 500 mm.

Vasco corrugated sidewall conveyor belts can be found at power plants, quarries, in the mining industry and many more.