About Vasco

Vasco is the first company in the bulk goods industry to offer a truly integrated one-stop shopping experience. Vasco delivers the best state of the art Asian quality manufacturing as well as well-known global brands produced in Europe and North America. Customers can chose from a wide range of products, countries and brands – based on their needs and requests.

Vasco’s product portfolio includes conveyor belts, wear production, repair materials, conveyor components and tools.

Based in the heart of Shanghai and Hong Kong, Vasco delivers high quality products to the world. Understanding customer needs and transforming them into a unique offering is Vasco’s mission and results in core benefits, such as extended product guarantee, regional stocks as well as flexible payment terms. Read more about your benefits here.

Vasco follows the international supply chain, however each market has its uniqueness. Therefore, Vasco’s goal is to locate long-term partners in each market that have an in-depth understanding of the regional structure. The current client structure ranges from medium-sized to multinational companies within the bulk goods industry. Vasco is a partner to regional trading and service companies.