Skirting Grades and Scrapers

The installation of these special wear-resistant rubber materials reduce risk of operational breakdowns. It helps industries that handle highly abrasive materials to combat wear, noise and dust.


Skirting rubber is used for protecting the conveyor side, tranquilizing the material flow and for sealing the feeding point. Skirting rubber avoids the drop-down of material in the system periphery. Various qualities of skirting rubbers are available; the thickness ranges from 4mm to 35mm.


Combi-scrapper rubber for granulated and washed materials is designed to clean the conveyor belt in a very economic and reasonable way. Vasco combi-rubber scrapers are made of rubber in the combination hard-soft-hard. The hard surface allows the rubber to clean the belt, the soft inside supports to balance vibrations to clean efficiently. Various qualities of combi-scraper rubber are available. The thickness ranges from 20mm to 30mm.


Vasco has a wide range of combined rubber bands to cover snow trucks scrappers, which increase road maintenance quality. Various dimensions and qualities of snow-scrappers are available.