Permaflex is universally applicable and suitable for the repair of conveyor belts, rubber coating and linings as well as sealing of gaps. Breakthroughs and longitudinal cracks may for example be repaired up to any length.
Permaflex consists of a two-component polyurethane and features a fast processing time. After 30 minutes the processed spot may be ground or re-worked. There are two different ways of application depending on the intended purpose: Either by hand or with the help of a spray system.


  • suitable for repair of conveyor belts, rubber coatings, linings and sealing of gaps
  • two-components polyurethane system
  • short processing time
  • fast, clean and flexible
  • dry to the touch after 2 minutes
  • may be ground and re-worked after 30 minutes
  • free of any volatile substances
  • shock-resistant, highly resistant to abrasion
  • maximum hardness of 60° shore A
  • processing by hand or with the help of a spray system
colour black
elastomere polyurethane
tensile strength ≥ 400%
hardness 60° shore A
abrasion ≤ 120 mm³ ≤ 120 mm³
elongation at break 1629 PSI