White Conveyor Belts

White conveyor belts transport food such as corn, olives, potatoes and other grain crops. For some applications a FDA grade is mandatory, however there are also many others where FDA is not necessary – for instance wherever food ingredients will be washed or boiled at a later time. Except for natural latex and food grade silicon rubber, most of other vulcanized rubber compounds are not suitable for FDA approval, especially those that uses sulfur and other industrial ingredient.

Vasco white conveyor belts are designed for applications where light duty PVC/PU belt cannot meet the customer expectations, especially when it comes to breaking tensile strength requirement. Instead of using normal carbon-black rubber conveyor belts, Vasco offers a white carbon black alternative with outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent shore hardness.Besides white rubber conveyor belts, Vasco also offers FDA grade approved PVC/PE/PU conveyor belts for the food industry.

Vasco white conveyor belts can be found at food processing plants and in agriculture.