Helmitin Cold Bonding Systems

Vasco offers the entire product family of Helmitin® cold bonding systems; e.g. Helmitin® 14030. This glue system is an absolute highlight as the applied solvent is non-flammable but nevertheless trichlorethylene-free.

Moreover, it may be used beyond the year 2016 according to EU directive in comparison to similar products which may not be used any further.

TECHNICAL DATA Helmitin® 14030

base polychloroprene
colour black
viscosity approx. 3700 mPas*
density approx. 1.42 g/cm³
hardener additive 5 % swift® hardener (hardly combustible)
pot life approx. 3 hours
manner of application filler, paintbrush
consumption 300 – 400 g/m²
airing time 10 – 15 minutes
contact bonding time approx. 30 minutes
setting time approx. 24 hours
permitted storage time approx. 12 months
storage and transport conditions well closed at temp. not below 10 °C
sensitivity to cold yes, defrostable
flammability no, hardly combustible
labelling in accordance with HazardousSubstances Ordinance Xn, N

The products of the Helmitin® family are stock goods and can be ordered in the following container sizes:

name of product product characteristics article no. containers
glue Helmitin® 14030 hardly inflammable, trichlorethylene-free 33-050-00001-100 1 kg container
33-050-00003-100 3 kg container
Helmitin® 14021 hardly inflammable,with trichlorethylene 33-050-00001-200 1 kg container
33-050-00003-200 3 kg container
Helmitin® 14026 flammable, with benzine 33-050-00001-300 0.6 kg container
33-050-00002-300 2.5 kg container
hardener Swift®hardener 49502 hardly inflammable,for Helmitin® 14030and 14021 33-050-00001-400 50 g bottle
33-050-00002-400 150 g bottle
Swift®hardener 49503 flammable, for Helmitin® 14026 33-050-00001-401 50 g bottle
33-050-00002-401 150 g bottle
primer Swift®prime 2903 metal primer 33-050-00001-500 0.7 kg container
cleaner Helmitin® 691 not inflammable,with trichlorethylene 33-050-00007-600 6.5 kg container
Helmitin® 676/2 flammable,trichlorethylene-free 33-050-00004-600 4 kg container