Textile Conveyor Belts

Textile conveyor belts are used in many industries. The textile conveyor belt consists of three parts: Cover rubber, carcass and skim coat. The cover rubber is a special rubber compound that can be tailor-made for various applications, such as abrasion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid resistance, oil resistance, fire resistance and many more.

Extra layers of skim rubber are in between the textile layers to ensure the adhesion force of the conveyor belts. Vasco delivers highest quality of rubber cover, carcass as well as skim coat. Therefore Vasco’s textile conveyor belts have an outstanding performance, low initial elongation and high tensile strength.

Vasco offers a wide range of textile fabrics, such as EP, PP, NN, CC, Straight Warp and Kevlar. Depending on the applications, Vasco’s belt carcass has a single or multi-ply textile, dipped EP fabric which is the most widely used textile carcass material. It is suitable for long distance conveying with high load, speed and impact. In addition it is waterproof against moisture and mildew.

The common cover rubber grades for standard conveyor belts are according to DIN 22102 as follow:

Grade W X Y Z
Tensile Strength ≥ 18Mpa ≥ 25Mpa ≥ 20Mpa ≥ 15Mpa
Elongation at break ≥ 400% ≥ 450% ≥ 400% ≥ 350%
Abrasion ≤ 90mm 3 ≤ 120 mm 3 ≤ 150 mm 3 ≤ 250mm 3
Belt strength
Textile Type Suitable ply Cover thickness (mm) Ply thickness
200~800 EP100 2~8 0~30mm 1 1.3
315~1250 EP150 2~8 1.1 1.4
400~1500 EP200 2~8 1.2 1.5
500~2000 EP250 2~8 1.35 1.7
500~2000 EP300 2~8 1.45 1.8
630~2500 EP400 2~7 1.75 2.1
800~3000 EP500 2~7 1.9 2.5